Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1-Hole Bow Coaster Calendar

Hi Everyone
It's been a while since I've posted anything. I took some well needed time off. Of course not from Stamping.
I've been doodling and diddling and buying new Christmas stamps. I'm not sure hwy since I have more than I know what to do with and even some that I discovered I'd never used before...I know imagine it...stamps never used.
I hope you like the Coaster Calendar. Let me know what you think. I purchased the coasters from and I've been really happy with the product. I also got lucky the other day during a trip to Tuesday Morning. I found this great black and white scrapbook paper from $4. It's a pack of 50 so I got a great deal I think. I just love the black and white pattern and through the coaster calendar was a great application for the paper. I've also covered a binder clip to be used to hold the calendar.

The coasters are 4 x 4. I also used the one hole bow. I hadn't heard of this until I watched a Stampin' Up! WOW video.
Here is just a quick tutorial on how to create the one hole bow.
Step 1 - Cut a hole in your project.

Step 2 - Take both ends of your ribbon and thread it from the back to the front of your project. Notice that you should have your ribbon wrapped around your project.
Step 3 - Take both ends of your ribbon and tie it around the ribbon.
Step 4 - Tie a bow.
Look from back side - Here is what the back side of your project will look like.Give it a try. It's a snap and a great alternative. I didn't use any adhesive when using the 1 hole Bow.


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