Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Card Holder

Hi Everyone
I'm probably like a lot of you...still wrapping presents and finding gifts purchased months ago hidden in the back of the closet.
Today I was looking for a quick and easy gift card holder and I ran across a great example on
I mocked up here dimensions for us visual minded people. It's not exactly to scale but follow the dimensions and you'll get it. The black dash lines are the score lines. The red lines are where you should cut.
1. Cardstock cut at 4 1/2' x 6 3/4'
2. Score with the 4 1/2' vertically at 1/2' on both sides
3. Score with the 6 3/4' vertically at 1 3/4' and 4 1/2'
4. You will cut away the 1/2' from both sides except for the middle section (See Diagram).
5. Using a circle punch cut a half circle on the inside pocket (this makes pulling the gift card out a lot easier)
This allows you to make the pocket that will hold your gift card.
Give it a try. Hope you enjoy,


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