Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gift Card - Card

Hi Everyone
I wanted to create a unique gift card - card and have it be something that I could mail. I was checking out some of my favorite blogs and SCS and found others that created a gift card that looked like a package. I also wanted to create something that was big enough to fit in an A2 envelope in the event I had to mail it.
These are examples of what I can up with. It was super quick.
Here are the steps I took:
1. I used an 11 x 4 1/4 sheet of cardstock.
2. Once I had that cut out I folded the card in half.
3. I then cut off from the folded card about an 1 1/2 off of the card (to made the top of the box if you will)
4. I then cut vertically about 1/2 off from the body of the card.
5. To attached the box top, I used a brad. In order to not see the back of the brad from the back of the card I did not make the hole through the entire box top portion but only one side of the box top. That way you have a nice clean back side.



What a cute idea. I love it. Is it okay if I use it with some of my customers?


Absolutly...please do.
Thanks fun!

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